Monday, 22 August 2011

Classroom Set-up for 2011

Well I have been been working hard the last few days getting my classroom physically set up.It is always such a debate as to where I should situate things. With the moves towards more play-based activities in Ontario, I have been working hard to integrate some really great play areas in the classroom. I really wanted to work on the reading area as it was just not appealing last  year. I added in lots of stuffies and comfy furniture and a small keyboard from my son. You can attach it to headphones for a different listening experience. As well, I have been working on the art area, making more materials available for student use. I want them to become independent when it comes to finding what they need to make a certain creation. I hope you enjoy this collage of my classroom pictures!


  1. thankyou for showing us your wonderful centre. I always love to visit others people's places for children and this is the next best thing. Isn't the internet wonderful. i am in Australia.

  2. Thanks for visiting my room:)