Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Colourful World of Kindergarten

I usually start the year in French Immersion with a study on colours. By senior kindergarten, pretty much every child knows their colours in English, so attaching the french word is easy. They have all pretty much heard the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, so I use the French version of the story because it is familiar to them. This helps to facilitate comprehension and they can connect the words easily.

 We generally study one colour a day and our play activities are centred around the colour of the day. I make that colour available in paint, markers, crayons, papers etc. Part of the day involves sharing circle where the students show their snack. This is an easy way to encourage healthy eating and to give French vocabulary for common foods. Here are some pictures of my class last year on Green Day!

Green grapes

green apple

Green broccoliI find that this is a great way to get kids to try some green veggies! They are always eager to show me what they have brought! It is always amazing to see the variety of snacks they bring in. The hardest one seems to be black day because lots of children don't like black licorice! The oreo cookie snacks come out on that day!

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