Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ideas for upcoming blogs

This is so much fun. I love it! I have lots of ideas for upcoming blogs. I've been going through pictures of my last few years in kindergarten to find pictures of activities that really worked well. Of course there is the privacy issue, so I am carefully blacking out children's faces so that nobody can be identified. My own child thought his face should be blacked out too, but I assured him his mom was ok with it.

My next entry will be about a fancy tea party that we had this past winter in my kindergarten classroom. Now normally we have a picnic with our teddy bears, but somehow I learned that my children had never had a tea party. I thought...wow...they've never had a tea party. I am gonna change that! Stay tuned! It was one of the best days I've had in my career...really! Well, except that I was coming down with the flu! I ended up taking the next day off with a wicked stomach bug! Such is life in kindergarten. They love touching you and spreading those potent kid germs! Thank you for those who have joined my little group and I look forward to maybe inspiring you to try some of these activities. I have only actually taught kindergarten for three years...but have been in education for 20 years. I used to be terrified of kindergarten, but as I matured, I decided it was one area I needed to explore before I retire. I am so glad I did. I really feel it is the most rewarding age group. It definitely has its challenges. I have worked with children with all types of difficulties, but their enthusiasm and undying love for you makes it all worthwhile.

It is also exciting to see many of my former students going into education. I hope to inspire you too! Good luck to you all. It is truly an amazing career choice! I have no regrets!

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