Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fun with Shaving Cream

Well J and I visited the dollar store this week to see what the price was on shaving cream. $1.99 seemed pretty good to me so I picked up a few cans. Of course he was dying to try it out. Having learned from my earlier in the week jelly cake (will do it again and take pix this time), I figured we should do it outside! Good thing because he made a total mess! You sure can get a lot of shaving cream out of one can let me tell you. He did everything from squish it to bang his hands together, to lather up his body. Now I won't be able to do this in kindergarten to the same extent. I have done it in the past during St. Patrick's Day and dyed it green. I just basically put it right on top of the table and it cleans up easily. Kids can sculpt, write or just enjoy the feeling of it oozing between their fingers. It does sort of smell strong, but I don't mind it really. You can always open a window or something. Here are some pics of John playing with the shaving cream. A cheap toy really!

smushing the shaving cream around

He said it felt awesome on his hands!

The spray bottles are liquid watercolours made from soaking dried markers in water!

I love the neon yellow!

Making a writing surface!

rainbow colours!

Messy but it cleaned up easily!


  1. hi, i just started a blog also, welcome to play time. i'm setting my room up and couldn't find it in me to throw the old markers out. now i know what i can do with them tomorrow.thanks

  2. hi..just make sure that you use several markers in one container of water. They turn white when all the ink is out. I will be bugging everyone for them. Will check out your blog!