Sunday, 14 August 2011

Soup Soup Vegetable Soup

One of my fall activities the last couple of years has been to make vegetable soup. I provide the stock and the kids bring in all sorts of different veggies. The first thing we do is talk about the vegetables and which ones we have eaten and where they grow etc. I always have lots of veggies, so we taste the veggies raw too and then put the rest in the soup. It is amazing to see how many kids will actually try veggies they wouldn't try at home. This past year, raw cabbage was a big hit! Strange! Most kids will eat the carrots and a few are adventurous to try some of the rarer ones. We even had a purple potato last year. I had so many veggies that I put the cut up ones in the fridge and we ate them the next day too and used some for painting! I never pressure the kids to eat it, just simply offer it. About half of the kids love the soup and the rest well, at least they try it. There is always one kid who wants nothing to do with it!
Cabbage was surprisingly popular!

Talking about the veggies!

Most of the kids will eat the carrots!

This chopper lets everyone help!

Never had a purple potato!

Here is the soup!


  1. Fabulous activity. Isn't it amazing that things we use to take for granted, like cooking with out children, have all gone by the by as life just gets too busy. i am definately going to copy this idea, thank you.