Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Math Their Way

This program became popular in the 1980's and I must admit that I still use lots of their ideas. I love it because it  helps the students move from concrete to abstract with respect to math concepts. It works on the notion of math tubs that vary depending on the strand you are working on. All of the blackline masters are still available on the math their way website. At the beginning of the year it is essential to give the students tons of free exploration time with the math manipulatives. They must be given the opportunity to play with the materials so that when you do an actual task, they have the playing out of their systems. I especially like the pattern tub and number tub activities. This link will take you to the Math Their Way site:

Math Their Way

Here are some pictures of my kindergarten students doing some Math Their Way activities. They absolutely adore the math tubs!

 This student is using bread tags to make patterns. These little boxes are called junk boxes or treasure boxes. They are mostly collections of things you can find easily at home. Parents are a great resource for sending in these things.

Free exploration with pompoms!

 Exploring with coloured pasta. You can buy it already coloured, or make your own!

Seashell patterns

Kids love keys!
 Free exploration with keys. They are a great tool for teaching sorting.

Button patterns

 This is a number tub activity. Children place black squares on a geoboard and then transfer their design to a geoboard paper. It is challenging to glue it in the right spot!

This jewel activity is part of the number tubs activities.

 Unifix towers are constructed and then the design is coloured on a paper copy.

 Two-toned beans are put in a cup and dumped. The child colours what they see. Later on you can add an addition sentence to this activity....first you write it until the student is able.

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